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How to Hang a Mirror - Easy DIY Hack

Here's a fool-proof DIY hack to ensure you hang pictures and mirrors perfectly level every time!

All you need is some masking tape, a pencil and a spirit level to mark your points, and a drill and appropriate drill bits and rawl plugs for your wall type, and some screws.

Grab some painter's tape and cover the holes on the back of the picture frame/mirror. Mark the holes with your pencil, ensuring the holes are in the middle of the tape.

Transfer this strip of tape to the wall where you want it to be hung and using your spirit level, stick your tape down level.

Drill through the tape where you've marked your holes. Make sure you're using the right drill bit for your wall type.

Add your rawl plugs, again making sure they're the correct type for your walls, and that you've drilled the correct depth for your rawl plugs, and drive in your screw, leaving enough of the screw head sticking out to allow the picture/mirror hooks to slot onto it securely.

Hang your picture/mirror and do one final check that it's level, but with this beginner-friendly hack for how to hang a mirror, you'll get it level every time.

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